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History, despite its wrenching pain, if faced with courage need not be lived again.

— Maya Angelou

HMTC educates about the Holocaust, remembers its victims, and teaches how to act on its lessons.  Through innovative programs, we promote resistance to prejudice, advocate respect for every human being, and foster understanding, inclusion, and engaged citizenship.

Our Holocaust program provides students with a contextual, relevant history of the Holocaust. The interactive, multimedia program includes an age-appropriate tour of our museum, eyewitness testimony from a Holocaust Survivor or Liberator, and tailored dialogues to promote reflection and retention. Survivors are available to speak at your school.

Two of the primary lessons of the Holocaust are to teach students how to recognize intolerance, and how to take action safely and effectively against any form of bias or injustice—from bullying to genocide.

Our interactive, multimedia workshops not only educate students about the roles they choose (bully, bystander or Upstander), but they also provide safe, effective tools to challenge prejudice and harassment. Trained facilitators, films, activities, and small group discussions help students examine and reflect upon their choices and actions.

All HMTC education programs, when used in conjunction with the preparatory and follow up materials provided, comply with the New York State Common Core Standards for grades 4 to 12 (including Cultural Diversity, World History & Geography, and Individual Development & Identity). In English Language Arts, our programs promote content area reading and writing, listening and speaking, and language usage appropriate to grade level. In addition, the museum exhibit and supporting educational materials contribute to literacy in History, Geography, and Science, predominantly through informational text, using an interdisciplinary approach.

Our video conferencing programs allow teachers and students to connect with a Holocaust survivor via Skype or Field Trip Zoom. A trained Holocaust educator will briefly introduce the history of the Holocaust, followed by testimony from a Holocaust Survivor.


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HMTC’s education programs are available through BOCES.

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