Creative Arts Competition

Each spring, HMTC invites students in middle and high school to participate in an arts competition centered on a theme of social justice, tolerance, and respect for diversity. The competition offers students the opportunity to showcase their creative talents and reflect their understanding of the lessons of history.  Categories include poetry, visual arts, photography, music, and multi-media (still and video).

Applications for the 2017 Creative Arts Competition are now open.  Deadline for submission of all entries has been extended to March 17, 2017.

This Year’s Theme

2017 Theme: “First They Came For…”

What does it mean to stand up for others, to be an ally? What are the obligations and responsibilities involved in being an ally? Martin Niemoller, a German clergyman, famously stated after World War II that when other groups were targeted, he didn’t step in, and when the Nazis came for him, there was no one left to speak up. Art submissions this year should reflect on Niemoller’s quote and on the consequences of choosing to make a difference, or not.

Click here for more information on Niemoller, and a common version of his quote.

Deadlines: Entries must be submitted by March 10, 2017.

Art Ceremony: April 30, 2017

For questions or more information, please contact Tracy Garrison-Feinberg at 516-571-8040 x 106


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