Education Overview

hmtc_education1HMTC features a vast array of programs ranging from middle school youth programs to professional development. Tens of thousands of students from the region have toured our facility and taken part in our anti-bullying and tolerance workshops. We have expanded these workshops to include skype presentations and are now capable of offering programs around the globe. Other groundbreaking educational programs include our law enforcement program, whereby graduating cadets participate in an intensive, on-site program with Holocaust Survivors and docents who help officers understand the role of law enforcement in the years leading to and including the years known as the Holocaust.

The Center’s programmatic reach is as broad and diverse as the population we serve on Long Island and throughout the region. HMTC’s education staff and its highly trained docents are capable of reaching a wide demographic and our programs meet several state and federal education guidelines, including many initiatives under the new “Common Core” curriculum.

Rather than teach the Holocaust as a historical event, our staff threads the Holocaust narrative into current context in order to deliver high-impact results in an efficient and relative manner. Our lessons revolve around the concept of empowering those who participate in our programs to become “upstanders” in their own communities, whether it is on the police force, in school or the workplace. There are opportunities all around us to stand up to intolerance, indifference and hatred – opportunities to be an “upstander” and not a bystander.

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