10th Annual Friedlander Upstander Award

$2,500 Scholarship

Applications due April 7, 2020

In 2016, the Oxford English Dictionary added the term “upstander”, and Starbucks launched an Upstanders video series. They recognize what we have known for some time: Upstanders change our world for the better. We define “Upstander” as a person who stands up for others, and does not stand by allowing bigotry, hatred or intolerance to happen without interjection.

The Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center (HMTC) and the Claire Friedlander Family Foundation, in conjunction with the Nassau and Suffolk County Police Departments, are pleased to announce the seventh annual Friedlander Upstander Award. These $2,500 education scholarships are awarded to Nassau and Suffolk county students who have shown themselves to be Upstanders against intolerance in any of its forms. The student’s action as an Upstander could be one of intervention or prevention, great or small.

An Upstander is a person who stands up for others, and does not stand by allowing bigotry, hatred or intolerance to happen without interjection.

The Friedlander Upstander Awards

The Friedlander Upstander Awards are generously sponsored by the Claire Friedlander Family Foundation. This foundation was established by Claire Friedlander, a Holocaust survivor, whose life was saved by people who took a stand against prejudice. This award honors her life and embodies her legacy, and the Foundation is proud to support young upstanders who make the often difficult decision to extinguish the flames of intolerance wherever they may burn.

Representatives of the Claire Friedlander Family Foundation, the Center, and the Police Departments will present the awards at our annual Tolerance Benefit in the spring of 2017.

The ideal student nominated for this award:

  • Is committed to making our world a better place by demonstrating that they are not bystanders, but upstanders who have taken action on behalf of another against prejudice, hatred, or indifference;
  • Knows the importance of guarding the rights and safety of others, and exemplifies this through their daily actions;
  • Believes in HMTC’s underlying message that every individual can make a difference in their school and community, and knows that no act is too small to inspire change.
  • Is currently in middle school or high school, and lives in Nassau or Suffolk County

Friedlander Upstander Award Application

Application due date:  April 7, 2020

Please make sure all 4 components of the nomination are complete, and that the nominated student’s name and school are included on each section. Fill out the form below and attach the required documents or print out the form and mail it to us. 1. Cover Sheet 2. Release Form 3. Nominator Letter (max. 1 page) 4. Student Essay (max. 1 page)

Click Here for a Printable Application

Friedlander Upstander Award Eligibility


  • Student must currently be in middle school or high school (6th –12th grade)
  • Student must live in either Nassau or Suffolk County, Long Island, NY

Any teacher, guidance counselor, community member, community leader, or peer who has knowledge of the student as an Upstander may nominate a student for the Friedlander Upstander Award

To submit a nomination:

    • Apply online at (contact us for a paper copy—contact information below)
    • The student and nominator must each submit a one-page summary explaining why the student should be the recipient of the “Friedlander Upstander Award.” This summary should include:
      • details on how the student took action against intolerance or promoted acceptance and respect within their school or community
      • how the student served as an exemplar of an Upstander
      • the nominator’s summary should also address how the nominator knows the student, and how the nominator became aware of the student’s Upstander actions

*Optional: The student may also include in the nomination packet a second letter (or letters) from another student peer (or peers), attesting to the nominated student’s actions as an Upstander. The peer might be another student at the school who has witnessed the nominated student in his/her role as an Upstander. This extra letter is not required, but will strengthen the nomination.

Contact us for more information:

Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center
Welwyn Preserve, 100 Crescent Beach Road
Glen Cove, NY 11542
Attn: Helen Turner, MA
516-571-8040, ext. 106

Release Form for Friedlander Upstander Award

I hereby transfer all copyrights in the Application named below to the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County, Inc. It is my understanding that the Center may publish and/or exhibit the Application, loan the Application to other institutions, and include the Application in brochures and other media. I understand that winners will be expected to participate in publicity related to the HMTC and the Friedlander Upstander Award, including but not limited to: photographs, films, and interviews which may appear on websites, social media, and in print media. Winners may also be asked to participate in our Annual Middle School Upstander Conference in the fall semester.

Acceptable file types: doc,docx,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 1mb.
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