• Lecture on “Can Holocaust Trauma Be Inherited?” on October 26, 2016

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    The Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center of Nassau County (HMTC) presents a lecture, Can Holocaust Trauma Be Inherited?: The Complex Genetic Legacy of the Second Generation, by Linda F. Burghardt, Ph.D., Scholar-in-Residence at HMTC, on Wednesday, October 26, 2016, at 11 a.m. The lecture will take place at HMTC, Welwyn Preserve, 100 Crescent Beach Road, Glen Cove, NY. There is no fee to attend the lecture.

    Psychologists have long known that the profound legacy of loss and suffering experienced by Holocaust Survivors deeply affects their children. Now biologists are saying that genetics can play an even larger role in transmitting this trauma to the next generation. Dr. Burghardt will describe the science behind these claims and explain how this genetic legacy can have far-reaching consequences for the children of Survivors and their own offspring.

    Dr. Burghardt is a journalist and author from Great Neck, NY. She worked as a freelance reporter for The New York Times for 20 years and is the author of three non-fiction books, two on Jewish topics. Her articles and essays have appeared in newspapers throughout the U.S. and she has lectured to both national and international audiences. She holds a Ph.D. from LIU Post and is the daughter of Holocaust Survivors from Vienna.

    For more information contact HMTC at (516) 571-8040.

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