Upcoming Exhibition

Intimate Murders: Mass Killings of Jews, Roma and Sinti by Nazis and Local Collaborators

Through January 15, 2016

This minimalist exhibit juxtaposes the pre-war Jews, Roma and Sinti life with the mass murder of these groups by the Einsatzgruppen (German mobile killing squads) and local participants. The exhibit is purposely stark to highlight the contrast between normalcy and the horror of genocide.

Exhibitions For Loan

Displaced Persons Camps: Rebuilding Culture and Community in the Aftermath of World War II

Volleyball tournament between the Föhrenwald and Wartenberg displaced persons camps. USHMM

Exhibit focuses on how Jewish Survivors reestablished their lives immediately following the Holocaust.

1-3 Weeks: $1,500
4-6 Weeks: $2,500
7-9 Weeks: $5,000

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