Programs and Event Overview

HMTC takes Holocaust education beyond the classroom environment with programs and events by creating unique events that feature powerful lessons and speakers. From Albanian rescuers during the Holocaust to examining current issues such as the Rwandan genocide or the wave of anti-immigrant sentiment, HMTC teaches the lessons of the Holocaust to help shape world events from a different perspective. Our highly trained education staff and docents speak at countless events across the country as they are recognized scholars in the field of Holocaust education. HMTC has received accolades from myriad groups and associations in academia and Holocaust education and the center maintains a strong working relationship with Yad Vashem. Our fundraising events contain strong messages and great purpose as every gathering provides us with an opportunity to spread the powerful messages the Center has to share.

We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter or follow HMTC through any one of our social media channels to find out about upcoming programs and events. If you are interested in creating a special event or have further questions about past or upcoming events, please feel free to contact Beth Lilach, senior director of education and community affairs.

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